WSEG Auction Details

Question - Where's the money go?
Answer - All proceeds (every stinking penny, none of that "all profits" crap) go to Warrior Shoot Event Group, a registered 501c3.

Question - Who made this happen?
Answer - Ares Gear, Inc. (, ATEI (American Tool & Engraving Inc.) (, and WSEG (Warrior Shoot Event Group) (

Question - What can I win?
Answer -
* 25 1.25" Aegis belts

* Buckles machined/melonited by ATEI

* Webbing choices include Black, Red, Multicam, Green, BlueLine, Grey, GreenLine, and Purple (check our Facebook/Instagram for pics)

* The ONLY batch of 1.25" Aegis belts ever made.

Question - How does this work?
Answer -
* One belt will be auctioned each day, from 6/1 through 6/25.

* On 5/31, at 18:00:01 Eastern Standard Time, bidding begins for 6/1.

* To place a bid, email "" with your name, email address, and bid amount.

* At 18:00:00 Eastern Standard Time on each day, bidding for that day is closed, and bidding for the next day begins, until the auction closes at 18:00:00 on 6/25.

* After each day closes, the winner will be identified, AND the runner-up's bid will become the starting bid for the next day. This info will be released via social media (Ares Gear's Facebook/Instagram/Twitter).

* If yours is the winning bid, we'll contact you with instructions on how to pay the bid amount (straight to Warrior Shoot Event Group; we're not taking any of it), and we'll collect info about your sizing/color choices at that time.

* If yours is the 2nd-Place bid, you're not out of the running! Your bid will be carried forward to the next day, and we'll announce it as the starting bid.

* You ARE allowed to bid more than once throughout the day if you'd like, although we may or may not post outside the scheduled "end of day" updates.


01June - Harvey S. ($250)
02June - Brad A. ($250)
03June - Adam S. ($225)
04June - Josh S. ($200)
05June - Blaine B. ($230)
06June - Joe W. ($220)
07June - Joe N. ($200)
08June - Dan E. ($210)
09June - Tom G. ($220)
10June - Peter S. ($200)
11June - Jake S. ($200)
12June - Ike S. ($225)
13June - Jim W. ($225)
14June - David B. ($217)
15June - Gene H. (250)
16June - Pat T. ($228)
17June - Peter L. ($220)
18June - Rob T. ($200)
19June - Ike S. ($223)
20June - Joseph P. ($205)
21June -
22June -
23June -
24June -
25June -
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