Please read our list of frequently asked questions.

We hope that having this information readily available will streamline our communications with you and make your shopping experience as simple as possible.

If you have a question that's not answered here, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

WAITING FOR YOUR BELT – (or as we like to call it the dreaded lead time)

Question - What's the current lead time?
Answer - The current MAXIMUM lead time VARIES between items. Each item with a leadtime has it listed in large red text on that item's webpage. If there's no leadtime listed, then we'll ship that item within 1-2 business days (Monday through Thursday). If this information changes, we will change it both here and on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE). All items included within a single order are subject to the same max lead time. If you would like to have an in stock item ship sooner, please place a separate order.

Question - Why does it take so long to make a belt?
Answer - It doesn't take that long to make a belt. It takes that long to get to YOUR belt in our current order queue.

Question - What does my order status mean?
Answer - "In Queue" means that we've received your order, and that it's been accepted into our order queue. "In Production" means that we've printed an order slip for your order, and given the slip to our production department. "Packing/Postaging" means that we're either packing or postaging your order. "Shipped" means that your order has had postage printed and applied, and your order is either awaiting pickup, or has already gone out. Please use the tracking number we send you to follow the package after this point.


Question - What kind of guarantee or warranty do you offer?
Answer - If you ever have an issue with a piece of gear that we made and you bought from us or one of our dealers, we will repair or replace it. Forever. We're here for you. (Sadly, we have to add this part. We keep our customer records for the long haul specifically for this reason, but if you say you purchased from a dealer, and if you don't have any proof that you did, and you can't give them the info necessary to find your order, AND there's no record of it in your bank history...guys, we have no idea where you actually got that belt, and we won't be able to cover it under warranty.)


Question - What colors and patterns are available and what do they look like?
Answer - Sample pictures of all of our current webbing options can be viewed on our social media (Facebook/Instagram). If for whatever reason you can't find a sample of what you were hoping to see, please let us know before you order. We want you to be happy with our products when they arrive, and the best way to ensure that is to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Question - What's "Enhanced" mean?
Answer - "Enhanced" means that there's a thin layer of 1.5" wide webbing covering the 1.5" wide scuba; in addition to allowing you to pick a color/pattern like Multicam for the entire belt (because the scuba's all covered up), this makes the belt stiffer.

Question - What size should I get?
Answer - The best way is to try on belts at one of our dealers. Obviously, that's not an option for everyone, so we've put together an entire page of charts for you (Sizing Page - CLICK HERE).

Question - I need a larger (or smaller) belt than any of the sizes you offer – can I order a custom size?
Answer - We can custom size any of our belts to any even numbered six-inch size range you would like. There is a simple process for ordering a custom size belt outlined below. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MEASURE CAREFULLY PRIOR TO ORDERING AS CUSTOM SIZES CANNOT BE RETURNED UNLESS THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE MANUFACTURING.
To place your custom order:
1 - Select the belt that you would like to order and use the normal drop down boxes for completing all of your standard color selections.
2 - Select any size from the size dropdown box.
3 - During checkout write into the comments box your EVEN NUMBERED pants size. Example (PANTS SIZE: 52").
4 - Everything else remains the same and you can complete the rest of checkout normally.

Question - Why can’t I complete the order checkout process?
Answer - This is a very broad question and we understand that it can lead to serious frustration. While we are always available to help if needed, we have laid out the four most common causes below:
1 - Attempting to pay with an American Express card. At this time we do not accept American Express and the card will not process or allow you to complete your order.
2 - Attempting to proceed past Step 2 of the checkout process without accepting the Terms/Conditions.
3 - Unstable internet connection. DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE on each button; it is likely to result in you being double-charged.
4 - Canadian Postal Code. As weird as this sounds, our credit card processor has issues with the letters in your postal code. Enter your address WITHOUT those letters. In your order comments, please tell us your ACTUAL postal code (all 6 letters/numbers).


Question - What cards do you accept?
Answer - We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. If for some reason you don't have any of these, please contact one of our dealers or email sales@aresgear.com and we will try to help you find another way.

Question - When is my card charged?
Answer - Your card is charged when you place your order.


Question - How will my package be shipped?
Answer - All packages are shipped via FedEx 2-Day WITH SIGNATURE REQUIRED except APO/DPO/FPO packages, which go via USPS Priority. ALL ADDRESSES MUST BE WRITTEN AS STREET ADDRESSES. If you have a PO Box, please contact your local US Post Office to see if they'll accept FedEx deliveries, and if so, what address they'd like you to use. IF YOU WRITE YOUR ADDRESS AS "PO BOX 123, CITY, STATE, ZIP", WE WILL NOT SHIP TO THAT ADDRESS.

Question - Where will my package be shipped?
Answer - We will ship to the exact address that you choose to provide during your checkout process, AS LONG AS our system accepts it during the shipping process. If you're part of a special team or organization, and you write that in the shipping address, we will write that in the shipping address. If you don't want that in the shipping address, please don't write it in the shipping address.

Question - How much does DOMESTIC (within the USA) shipping cost?
Answer - If your order total is between $0 and $500, shipping is $14. If your order total is between $500 and $1000, shipping is $21. If your order total is over $1000, you will not be charged shipping at the time of your order; we will contact you afterwards to collect the necessary amount once we know what that is.

Question - How much does INTERNATIONAL (outside the USA) shipping cost?
Answer - The cost for international shipping is currently $45.00USD for FedEx 2-Day; this includes insurance and tracking. We are always looking for better and less expensive ways to ship to our international customers, but we will not under any circumstances mark customs forms incorrectly.

Question - Do you ship to US military overseas?
Answer - Absolutely. In fact if your shipping address is an APO/DPO/FPO, please contact us at "sales@aresgear.com" so that we can make sure to give you a coupon code for free shipping.


Question - Why can’t I fit the buckle through my belt loops? Do I have to unlace the buckle every time I want to put it on?
Answer - The buckle was never designed to fit through your belt loops. So yes you do have to unlace the webbing from your buckle to add/remove your belt from new pants. If you stop to consider the traditional design for most belts it makes perfect sense that the buckle isn’t the part of the belt that you want to pass through your pant loops. The buckle quick detach is for use throughout the day.

Question - What is the best way to clean my belt?
Answer - Let us start off by saying that we DO NOT recommend that you put your belt into a washing machine. While we are confident that the belt would survive the experience your machine may not. The best method to use is cold water and if necessary a soft bristle brush for really stubborn mud. You can use a mild soap or detergent if needed, but this isn’t usually necessary for nylon gear.


Question - I received the wrong size/color/type of belt; how do I send it back for the correct one?
Answer - First, please send us an email to sales@aresgear.com. If the issue is a deficiency on our part, we'll cover it 100%, including paying you for the cost incurred in sending the belt back to us. If you received exactly what you ordered, but you've changed your mind or discovered that you ordered the wrong size or color, there will be a 25% restocking fee and we will not reimburse your return shipping.

Question - I decided I don't want the belt that just arrived; nothing wrong with it, just not my gig. What do I do?
Answer - Send us an email to sales@aresgear.com. We'll handle this on a case-by-case basis. If you received exactly what you ordered, but you've changed your mind and didn't bother to tell us in the weeks before we shipped it, there is likely to be a 25% restocking fee and we will not reimburse your return shipping.

Question - How do I get a refund?
Answer - Send us an email to sales@aresgear.com with an explanation. If you have already received your belt then you will have to return it to us in TOTALLY new condition. We will refund your payment minus the cost for the initial shipping and there may be a 25% restocking fee depending on the reason for return. We will not pay for the cost of returning products to us unless there is a problem with the manufacturing. If your order is still in the processing queue then we will gladly cancel it and process a full refund. In either case the funds will be returned to the card you used to pay. If your belt has been used then our options are far more limited and you should inform us of this in your initial email.


Question - Are you accepting new dealers?
Answer - We are; please email us at "dealersales@aresgear.com", and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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