MCC Mini-Chem Clips (4.5x40mm)


These MCCs (Mini-Chem Clips) are designed to fit on 1" webbing (like MOLLE, packs, tents, etc.) and hold one 4.5x40mm chemlight/glowstick. These mini chems are often used to provide just enough light for identification, while lasting long enough to get you through the night.

Each pack includes TWO (2) MCCs, FIVE (5) red minichems, and FIVE (5) green minichems.

The first run of MCCs is Ranger Green, and fits 4.5x40mm minichems; we will add colors and sizes to the MCC lineup as we receive requests for them.

Please understand that MCCs are considered to have a finite lifespan, and minichems are considered single-use, and as such, neither are returnable.

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