MCC Mini-Chem Clips (4.5x40mm), 30 PACK


These MCCs (Mini-Chem Clips) are designed to fit on 1" webbing (like MOLLE, packs, tents, etc.) and hold one 4.5x40mm chemlight/glowstick. These mini chems are often used to provide just enough light for identification, while lasting long enough to get you through the night.

Each pack includes THIRTY (30) MCCs, SEVENTY-FIVE (75) red minichems, and SEVENTY-FIVE (75) green minichems.

The first run of MCCs is Ranger Green, and fits 4.5x40mm minichems; we will add colors and sizes to the MCC lineup as we receive requests for them.

Please understand that MCCs are considered to have a finite lifespan, and minichems are considered single-use, and as such, neither are returnable.

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