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Aegis, Gen2 Buckle, LG, Black/Black


This belt had worked well for a few weeks, but I have been having issues now keeping it tight. I am constantly having to retighten the belt every time I sit down or get up because when the belt is not under tension it loosens (Unless you over tighten it, but then it is a beast to untighten. I also have worries that the thin plastic buckle sides will break with extended use since it bows a little when tightened (Currently the buckle is holding up well though, and plastic is nice because it doesn't get hot/cold, and wont scratch anything I lean on).

Final thoughts;
Based on it's current performance I find the belt better than any standard buckle-hole belt I have tried. Having full adjustability is very nice, and it is a very rigid belt perfect for larger guns (Glock 19 for me).

However I have found the belt to be finicky with tension (Not something you want when your gun is mounted to it). I would recommend going with one of the metal ones first because they are about $30 cheaper, and if it doesn't work well at least your not out a whole $100. If you need a plastic buckle, this may be the belt for you, just know it can be finicky.


EDITED TO ADD - Jake called the customer and walked him through a tweak in how to lock the belt that solved the problem. It's important to not just set the tension bar in place, but LOCK it. We generally recommend you do this by making the belt just a hair too tight on your waist, then pulling out HARD on the belt as if you magically got 50lbs fatter instantly. That'll lock the belt and prevent any shifting of the bar until you UNLOCK it. To UNLOCK it, pull the tail away from the buckle until the rod pops loose. Easy peasy!
Date Added: 02/22/2021 by Shane W.
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