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Aegis Enhanced Belt


Ordered a black Aegis Enhanced. Great belt! Threads easily through belt loops and holsters, and holds all kinds of weight that would be uncomfortable on belts not as stiff. I bought the Enhanced because i wanted the darker / "cleaner" look of the regular webbing on the outside to give it a more professional look. Having seen it side by side with the regular Aegis belt, I think the Enhanced is a better choice for wear with khakis and other business casual dress. However, I'm a rather thin guy, and ordered the XS belt. Because I'm not as....round....in shape as some other people, the belt is so stiff that it has a hard time conforming to my body. It hugs my sides, but sits nearly a full inch off my body in the front and back, which also means that the weight is not as distributed as it could be. Unless appearance is a factor, if you need the belt to take on a more elliptical shape to fit, I would recommend getting the regular Aegis rather than the Enhanced.
Date Added: 08/01/2014 by Steve Birnbaum
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