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Aegis Enhanced, Gen1 Buckle, XL, Stainless/Black

Sale: $76.99
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I have owned the Aegis Enhanced belt for close to a year now, and I have been very impressed with it. I ordered the belt late at night, and I had an email the next morning telling me the belt had already been shipped. When I received the belt, the first thing I noticed was the build quality. The belt is very stiff and is built like a tank. After wearing it nearly every day, the belt looks just like it did when I first took it out of the packaging. This is the first and only gun belt I've owned, so I cannot compare it to other gun belts. I had heard good things about Aegis belts, and I've not had any reason to go looking for a different belt since purchasing this one. As others may have mentioned, the belt will sometimes tighten ever so slightly while being worn. This can make it hard to slide the pin to "unlock" the belt. This in no way affects the comfort of the belt, and really is the only "downside" to the belt. When deciding on what belt to get, I went back and forth on whether to get the regular Aegis belt or the Enhanced version. After nearly a year, I haven't second guessed myself once about getting the Enhanced version. Overall, the Aegis Enhanced belt is a very quality belt, and Ares Gear has great customer service. I would recommend this belt to anyone looking for a high quality gun belt.

The recommended method for unlocking the buckle is not "pushing the pin"; if this technique works, then your belt wasn't properly locked in the first place, and could have slipped. Your buckle SHOULD be tightly locked. To unlock the buckle, simply tighten the belt on your body. The pin will then slip out of the locked position. Simply hold the pin in the unlocked position, and pull the belt out of the buckle.
Date Added: 11/05/2019 by Eric N.
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