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Ranger Belt


I have been wearing my Ranger Belt for about a year now, and not only does it look just as good as it was the first time tried it on, it also performs just as good. I wear an off duty pistol on my hip probably 99% I am out of the house (usually an M&P Shield 9mm) and this belt supports that weight perfectly. Because the belt is so stiff, it I can barely tell that the gun is there. Instead of having a weight pulling on my right side, it is evenly distributed all around my waist so I don't really even notice it. The rigidity of the belt also makes my IWB holster "lock on" to the belt for a very secure carry without the holster shifting or making the belt curl like flimsy belts do. When I am running instructing and have a holster for my duty weapon or maybe a leg rig, this belt holds all that weight like a champ. It takes a second to get used to how to put it on and adjust it (Jake had to show me how :) but once you get it buckled you will see how solid this thing really is. I actually laughed when I first opened the package and saw how heavy duty and stiff this belt really is. I am telling you, you will never want to buy, another off duty/CCW belt again. Totally worth it!!!
Date Added: 11/06/2014 by Pat Fairhurst
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