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Shell Panel, 2-rd


F****** velcro garbage. Cant use the damn thing unless I make a velcro thing to convert it to fit on a belt. You're better off putting the rounds in your pocket or picking some other company for the shotgun panels. The belt is great that is a good product.

NOTE - Customer did not read product description, and thought he would be receiving a product functionally different from the one pictured and described. THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED TO BE STUCK TO A PIECE OF ADHESIVE VELCRO. When we called the customer to suss out the misunderstanding, we learned that he didn't actually understand how the Velcro sidesaddle system works, or why you'd want to use one. PLEASE READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU ORDER THE ITEM. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING.
Date Added: 03/29/2021 by Cody P.
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